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Get Social. Monitor with ease. Manage even better with help from one another.

A free app by Diabetics, for Diabetics.

Learn amongst others within the community news feed and aspire to get your BGL down to the best levels possible with our Leaderboard. All while easily monitoring your BGL Levels, Insulin, Carbohydrates, Calories and Exercise (with Apple Health). Oh and don’t forget our PDF function, to share your results with medical professionals with ease.

Community Ideas and Help

Share that special low-carb recipe, your exercise routines or latest adventures amongst the community. Or ask the community a question and get some help along your journey.

Community Leaderboards

Chase the best possible results for yourself and get in the top 10 of Users with the lowest average BGL over 4mmol/L or 72mg/dl.

Track BGL, Food intake and Exercise with ease.

Three clicks to record BGL, take photos of your food and only 4 clicks to register a new insulin injection whether that be through needles, pump or tablets.

Get PDF’d!

PDF your results (over the last 24and 72 hours, as well as over the last month, three months and year) allowing you to share your results with ease!



Life get’s busy and it’s easy to forget to test your BGL. Set your own reminders and get in better habits.

Our plan: If we choose to accept advertising, 20% of all profits will be donated to Diabetic Research.

Have an idea?

We’re a community, share your idea and get rewarded. If it get’s built we’ll send you a $100 Gift Card.


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